Tulamben is a divers paradise. Many of you might now the shipwreck that lies there in a perfect depth for scuba diving covered with coral and animal life. During high season dozens of divers go in and out at the entrance point to the liberty wreck. Even in the early morning and late at night it can get busy.

busy times at Matahari Tulamben

Busy times at Matahari

Quiet times at Matahari

Quiet times at Matahari
Photo by Yury Ivanov

Not right now. No one knows what is going on underwater, because diving is currently prohibited.

I did get many questions of my readers about how the resorts, the dive guides and the other employees are handling the Corona crisis. Also many people do wanna help, but don’t know the best way. Therefore I decided to start a series, where I talk to resort owners and instructors about the current situation.

Naturally, I did start with Ni Komang Suci who is a dear friend and the owner of Matahari Tulamben Resort Dive and Spa. A few years back I did spend several months in Tulamben, enjoying the incredible muck diving the area offers and the friendly people. I hope everyone will make it safely through this crisis!

The Matahari Tulamben Resort Dive and Spa is located at the oceanfront in Tulamben. From there it is a short walk along the shoreline to reach the famous liberty wreck. They also have a wonderful house reef with many artificial reef elements that were placed there by Ni Komang Suci.


Goni: Are any divers staying with you at the moment?
Suci: Our resort is closed at the moment. The government closed all tourist attractions and hotels. We had to close down on 20th of March.


Are you still allowed to go diving?

It is not allowed to go diving or snorkling.

Ni Komang Suci

Ni Komang Suci
Photo by Yury Ivanov

How are your employees?

All my staff has to stay at home without work, 78 people work at Matahari Tulamben Resort Dive and Spa. We can give them salary for march, but not for April. It is a really sad condition. I can take some of them to clean the hotel and to cook for us, to make some small money. But it hurts so much that I can’t help everyone. It is the same for the other companies. They had to close and the employees have to stay at home.


What is your biggest challenge right now?

It is difficult that we don’t know how long this situation will last. From next month on it will start to get difficult for the employees to even buy food.
How can my readers help you if they would like to?
You can help us when you already book your next stay with us