You are gliding through the blue water enjoying the colorful coral and fish around. You can’t believe how beautiful it is down there. It is quiet, everything moves slowly and peaceful.

No wonder we feel the urge to capture the unique experiences under the surface in photos and videos to bring all that back up. As a memory or to show friends.

On this page you will find tips how to improve the underwater photography and beautiful pictures from different destinations.

where to start underwater photography

Where to start underwater photography?

Are you planning to get an underwater camera to start capturing your adventures under the surface? In the beginning it might get very confusing to find the right option among all those possibilities. There is action cameras like GoPro, point and shoot with internal flash up to SLR cameras with huge strobes.

While the big cameras do look amazing these are not easy to use and might not be the best option to start with. Read on when you are looking into getting a good camera set-up to start with.

tips for new underwater photographer

10 Helpful Tips for New Underwater Photographers

I was doing quite well with taking photos on land back when I took a camera down underwater with me for the first time. And then I was very disappointed by the results. It is something very different.

When you are just getting into underwater photography then this article is for you and it will hopefully help you to an easier start.

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