Let’s explore the other 99% of our planet together

All life on our planet depends on water. 71% of the earth’s surface are covered with water providing 99% of the living space. More than half of all life is found below the surface.

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Goni, I am a full-time traveler for 4 years, scuba addict, dive instructor, underwater photographer and biologist.


I am on a mission to bring you first-hand information about the best dive destinations and marine life as well as expert tips to improve your diving and photographic skills.

On this page you will get valuable information about the best diving destinations in short guides and the more detailed blog posts will give you even more insight on what to expect. This will help you to plan your next unforgettable adventure. Every week you will get fascinating facts about marine life and behaviour and how to protect the oceans we love so much.

With my background as biologist I love to dig into the scientific information available and to present it in a clear and understandable way. Based on my experience and interaction with other divers and students I write articles to answer questions with regards to scuba diving and the skills involved. You will find information here on how to improve your underwater photography techniques. In addition here is a section with helpful resources on how to find cheap offers for diving, accommodation and dive gear.

This page is about the love to the oceans and its inhabitants


pygmy seahorse wakatobi


The oceans and other water bodies cover 71% of our world extending down in the trenches to 10’000 m providing 99% of the living space. No wonder we are so fascinated by extending our horizon to this huge part of our planet. I have had the opportunity and good fortune to explore quite some of it. Diving the best and probably some of the worst dive sites of the world with several dive operations, landbased and on liveaboards with all kinds of dive guides as well as buddies of all experience levels I have collected (and continue to collect) a lot of knowledge which I will make available to you on this page.

I want to help you enjoy the beautiful world underwater even more. I am convinced that every scuba diver seeks to find the best diving destinations, to learn how to protect the oceans, improve skills and capture the fascinating underwater world in stunning shots.

Let’s explore the other 99% of our planet together!

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Why More Fun Diving

Because it’s what scuba divers do most of the time. „Fundiving“ stands for diving just for fun, not to earn money, not to take a course.
It is what I do and I love it. It’s the best thing I ever did and I have never been bored with it. I have found my passion!
And this is the reason I started this blog – I would love to share my passion and experiences with you. I love to tell my story and it makes me very happy when I can help you by sharing what I have learned. This is true even if it is only that you like looking at some nice pictures of fish or weird critters.
Please let me know how I can improve your experience on this page even more. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email. I am looking forward to receiving all your messages.


goni palau

About me

Before I became addicted to scuba diving I was working in the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland as clinical trial manager. I quit my job at the end of 2012 to go travelling.
The idea was to backpack around the world for 2 years and I thought that after that I would feel like settling down, find a good job again and so on. The longer I spent travelling the less I felt like moving back to Europe. Therefore I keep on travelling around the world and exploring the oceans. It took less than a year for me to go from backpacking to scuba diving most of the time.


I’m not backpacking anymore; I just couldn’t get all that dive gear in one single backpack!


Recently I spend most of my time in Southeast Asia. The coral triangle offers the highest biodiversity and with it some of the weirdest critters I love to photograph.


However, next I will explore another continent including some dry weeks looking at land animals in Uganda and Madagascar. I will keep you updated.

The journey so far

On the map below indicated you see where I have been diving so far (the little fish) as well as stars for my bucket list destinations and planned trips. There are still so many destinations more to explore!

I would love to hear your story and what fascinates you about the world below the surface.

Let’s stay in contact