On this page I am collecting links to pages I find very useful when booking dive trips, liveaboards, flights, accommodation and buy dive gear.

It always makes sense to ask for offers when booking dive trips, especially if you book last minute, stay for at least one week, are a dive professional and have your own equipment.


Most of the time I get recommendations from diver friends about whom to dive with or which liveaboard to choose. However, especially when booking liveaboards there are great last minute deals. Best if you’re very flexible and can check the pages below for offers. Also the pages of many liveaboards include specials sections and in general it makes sense to write to them shortly before the trip and ask what deal they can offer.

For resort/land based diving I would check the pages listed below. As a dive master or instructor it always makes sense to ask for discounts. I normally get up to 20% on the diving.

Divebooker Includes over 350 destinations. Easy search by entering destination and dates like searching for accommodations. Very easy to use and the possibility to use a live chat function. Lists 1 day, 5 days and equipment rental prices.

Bookyourdive Includes over 200 destinations and provides a great overview with day trips and dive packages. The page allows for reviews as well, so far there are not many reviews uploaded yet.

Dive the world They have great offers for some destinations but can organize trips to most destination. Very responsive, good service.

Scubatravel Established resource only listing trusted dive shops. Includes a last minute deal section as well.

Diveguide Lists dive operators and accommodation.


The following pages are great for last minute offers

Divingspecials To use this page you have to be invited by a friend. They share a huge amount of great last minute offers, mainly liveaboards.

Scubadiving Certain deals for popular destination, always worth to check.

Sportdiver Certain deals for popular destination, always worth to check. Most are packages with a minimum length of stay.

Liveaboard.com Lists a big amount of different liveaboards for good rates, less last minute deals.


To find the cheapest flight option I compare several search engines to make sure I don’t miss a special offer. If I don’t have specific plans I often search for a country or leave the destination blank so the engine will offer me which destinations would be the cheapest to fly to.

Skyscanner is my favourite flight search engine. I always search on this one first and normally only shortly compare with the other engines before booking. I would only spend a lot of time on other engines if I cannot find a cheap option.

Kayak this is the second engine I normally check. It sometimes finds connections skyscanner misses. I like that it offers many useful filter options like airline, alliance, time of flight.

Momondo worth checking to make sure you already found the cheapest fare. Sometimes an option shows up which the other engines missed. I like that it always shows an overview over the dates before and after the chosen date to compare prices.

Despegar one of the best search engines for flights within Latin America

Nusatrip to find flights within Indonesia

I then always check on the page of the airline if I might get a different fare if I book directly with them. Normally it is cheaper to book through the page the engines above direct you to. However, a couple of times I got a cheaper price directly with the airline or a connection with a shorter layover for the same price.


When diving I prefer to stay in a dive resort where you live in and dive from the same place. This is the most convenient. In some places there are no other options as the dive resorts are in a remote area. If there is a village or town with other options nearby staying there might be cheaper. However, many resorts do give discounts if you stay and dive with them. For all the rest I check the following pages:

Booking.com My first choice to look for accommodation. Great deals! Very easy to compare prices and look for hotels in a specific area.

Hostelworld My favourite page to book hostels, they also include other basic accomodation. The best to find budget accommodation and the page is easy to use.

Airbnb This is a very nice alternative where you stay with local hosts. The home owners rent out their place to you or a room. Normally you will have the chance to use all facilities and pay less than you would in a hotel. If you use the link above to sign up you will get $25 off your first stay.

Couchsurfing This is a great way to meet locals, not only to stay on their couch but also to just meet up. I haven’t tried it yet, somehow. I will do soon!

Dive Equipment

Scuba.com They offer a wide range of dive equipment for good prices. Often much cheaper than if bought in a shop. Experts are available via live chat or phone. For shipments outside of the US the costs might increase quite a bit.

Scubastore Also a big range of scuba gear for good prices. Lower costs for shipments within Europe.