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71% of our world are covered by water extending down to 10’000 m in the trenches. These waters provide 99% of the living space. No wonder we are so fascinated by extending our horizon to this huge part of our planet.

It is estimated that more than half of all live can be found under the surface of the oceans. With less than 10% of the oceans explored by humans the life in the blue bears many secrets still to be explored.

All life on earth came from the seas and we still carry our own little ocean with us. More than half of our bodies consists of water.

Almost 250’000 marine species have been discovered as of August 2016 according to WoRMS and it is estimated that at least one million species live in the sea.

One of the smallest inhabitants of the ocean is also the most important. Plankton produces a big portion of the oxygen we breath and builds the basis of the ocean food chain.

Marine organisms are important as well to create new land through coral reefs and by producing the sand.

In addition the oceans and marine species are important to humans for food, medicine, recreation and materials.


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