The ocean bears many secrets, find 20 incredible marine life facts below.

1. The oceans provide 99% of the living space on the planet containing 50-80% of all life

2. Many fish are sequential hermaphrodites which are born as females and become male later on. Clownfish are all male except the largest one which becomes a female

nemo in anemone city

3. A group of dolphins is called a pod, eel or oysters a bed, fish a school or shoal, jellyfish a fluther or smack, salmon a bind, draught or run, sea urchins a herd, trout a hover and turtles a bale, dole or nest

4. Parrot fish produce 85% of the sand that builds up reef islands like in the Maledives

bumphead parrotfish

5. Moray eels are not aggressive when they open and close their mouth, they are actually just breathing

6. Mimic octopus can imitated flounder, jelly fish, sting ray, sea snake, lionfish or just a rock/coral

7. Whales make the loudest sounds underwater with 188 dBs, the whistle can travel up to 500 miles

humpback whale

8. Boxer crabs carry two anemones around looking like pom poms

boxer crab

9. Seahorses are the only animal where the male gives birth

10. Sponges are older than dinosaurs

11. Ribbon eels start their life as male black eels, change to male blue when adult and at a last stage they become yellow females

12. Some types of nudibranch are solar-powered and use sunlight to produce energy

solar powered nudibranch wakatobi
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13. Octopodes have 3 hearts

14. Frogfish do not have teeth and therefore have to swallow their prey whole

15. The thresher shark uses its scythe-like tail to hunt by slap small fish like sardines stunning them

thresher shark

16. The peacock mantis shrimp can vaporize water

17. Pygmy seahorses stay on the same sea fan their whole life and might only move around in a plate sizes area

pygmy seahorse wakatobi

18. Parrotfish produce their own sleeping bag made out of mucus at night to be safe from predators

19. Boxfish are made out of bone box with holes only for eyes mouth and fins

juvenile boxfish

20. Some types of parasitic isopods can enter fish through the gills and attach themselves to the tongue. The parasite causes the tongue of the fish to fall off and then serves as tongue-replacement


Do you know of any other incredible marine life facts. Please let me know in the comments below!