Scuba Diving is possible all over the world. A diver’s favorite sites vary depending on personal preferences. While many people love colorful coral reefs in tropical waters there are many other incredible underwater worlds to be explored.

the 12 best dive sites in the world

In this section you will find short guides featuring all the information and links you need to plan your next diving trip. All these guides are written based on personal experience; I have been lucky enough to visit them all. For many of the destinations you will find links in the guide to more detailed blog posts and photos taken at the respective area.

The areas are divided into:


The most famous destinations in Africa are South Africa with the Sardine Run and loads of sharks, Mozambique with big stuff including whale sharks and the Red Sea with colorful coral and fish in incredible visibility.

dolphin at sardine run

oceanic black tip shark


With the Galapagos Islands, the Americas hold one of the best dive areas of the world. Central America is famous for the islands out in the Pacific where you can encounter loads and loads of sharks, mantas and other big stuff and some Caribbean diving off the other coast. North America offers colder conditions leading to a completely different scenery including kelp forests, wrecks and some big fish. The visibility in the Carribean is mostly amazing and the coral reefs colorful.

dive america

cave in tulum


The world’s highest biodiversity can be found here in the coral triangle in the east of Southeast Asia. Some famous destinations like Raja Ampat, Komodo, Lembeh, Sipadan and Anilao are located in this area offering everything from some of the best coral reefs, big fish and some of the craziest small critters.

asia diving

coral reef raja ampat


This region includes Australia, New Zealand and all of the South Pacific islands. The Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s most famous dive destination but it has so much more to offer with loads of big fish including quite some sharks, a few macro sites, caves and sea dragons. The South Pacific holds incredible destinations like Palau and its famous blue corner, the best wrecks in Chuuk (Truk), diverse coral in Fiji and humpback whales in Tonga.

oceania diving


Some of the most famous dive destinations in Europe are the silfra fissure in Iceland, wrecks in Croatia, sea lions in Scotland and the blue hole in Gozo. While the waters are generally rather cool it is possible to dive comfortably in a wetsuit in the Mediterranean during summer.

europe diving

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