What to see: Mainly wrecks, these are not dived a lot and allow penetration dives for experienced divers. There is five boat wrecks, a oil rig wreck and some reefs with small critters too

Diving: Boat entry, rather deep dives at the wrecks with short bottom times

Level: Experienced divers for the wrecks, best with wreck specialty, deep and nitrox. From entry-level at the reefs and a rig wreck

Who should go there: Divers who love wrecks.
(Just a side note as we were quite surprised, there is no booze or zigarettes in Brunei and no places to go to at night or hang out on the beach)

How to get there: Flight from Kotakinabalu, KL, Singapore to Brunei (Royal Brunei Airlines, Singapore Airline and Malaysia Airlines offer flights), the dive shop will pick you up from there. Or by car (2 1/2 hours) or bus (6 hours) from Miri in Malaysia.

Where to stay and dive: There is two options Oceanic Quest and Poni Divers. Both offer packages including accommodation, full board and diving. Poni Divers are located closer to a beach, Oceanic Quest in town.

Rates: A four day/three night package including full board, accommodation and 6 dives costs USD 500 at Oceanic Quest

Climate: 30°C to 32°C all year round, it might rain all year round

Water temperature: 27°C to 29°C

Visibility: 5 to 20 m

Season: Diving is possible all year round

Favorite dive sites: The penetration dives at the wrecks


My trip:

After visiting Sipadan I flew from Tawau to Brunei, there would possibly have been a better/more economic option. I stayed and dived with Oceanic Quest. We had a very nice guide, the instructors knew the wrecks very well and could give us detailed instructions where to enter and to swim through. It was amazing as we were the only divers at each and every dive site.
The plan was to stay for 10 days but we changed our mind as there were not too many dive sites and left after 5 days of diving.