Boracay, Philippines
While Boracay is mainly famous for the white beaches and the nightlife there is some scuba diving too.

What to see: Some reefs and colorful fish, some pelagics at deeper sites and macro on day trips

Diving: Boat diving

Level: From entry-level to rather newly certified divers, a few dive sites are suitable for more experienced divers

Who should go there: Travelers who would like to take an open water course in a place with good nightlife, newer divers who would like to sneak in a few dives while traveling through the Philippines. Experienced divers should try to visit the deeper sites like Yapak for pelagics or do day trips to Crocodile and Laurel Island with nicer coral and some macro.

How to get there: Flight from Manila to Caticlan, 5 min trike ride to the jetty port and 15 min by boat. Or flight from Manila to Kalibo, 1 hour bus ride to Caticlan jetty and 15 min by boat.

Where to stay: A wide range of accommodations are available in Boracay.

Where to dive: There is also loads of dive shops at White Beach. The prices between the shops do not vary too much. Just go shop around and choose the shop with the nicest staff.

Rates: One fun dive costs between USD 30 and 40. Better rates are possible for pre-booked dives and packages. An open water course costs between USD 400 and 450.

Climate: up to 32°C in summer, 28°C in winter, down to around 23°C at night, wet season July to November

Water temperature: 29°C in summer, 27°C in winter

Visibility: 10 m to 30 m, visibility can get low during winter and is generally better in summer

Season: Diving is possible all year round


My trip:

I flew from Manila to Caticlan and stayed in a smaller hotel one block from the beach front. The hotels there are cheaper and it is quieter. I did dive with Calypso Dive Center and my friend took an open water course with them. We were both very happy with the service as well as the experienced, professional and fun staff.

The diving around Boracay was alright and it was a great place for my friend to learn to dive as the conditions are calm and the visibility good. I would not recommend to experienced divers to travel to Boracay for scuba diving.