It looks like a pile of strings, the rest of its body is see-through, even the organs can be seen. A very strange underwater creature, the holy grail of nudibranchs.

The Melibe Comemani was first discovered by Neville Coleman in Mabul, Malaysia and the first picture was published in 2008 in the Nudibranch Encyclopedia.

melibe colemani

The species was described by Terry Gosliner and Marta Pola in 2012.

Besides Mabul, this melibe has been found in Komodo, Indonesia and in 2013 in Lembeh, Indonesia. In May 2014 The Three P in Romblon found their first Melibe Colemani. Since then photos of this fascinating creature taken there keep appearing. This was one of the main reasons we went to Romblon and it was surprisingly easy to find them there and they seem to be abundant in at least one dive site.

The body looks like a net of branched tubes which are actually interconnected digestive gland tubules occupying most of body and cerata (

melibe colemani

Melibe use an extendable oral hood to catch prey unlike other nudibranchs who mainly feed on sessile or slow moving small animals.