Ternate, Moluccas, Indonesia

What to see: Incredible amount and variety of nudibranchs under the jetty, Halmahera walking shark, bearded goby, loads of other amazing critters and there is areas with pretty coral as well

Diving: Shore entry for the macro sites around the city of Ternate, boat dives for the reefs

Level: Possible for any level, good buoyancy control required for macro sites

Who should go there: Divers who are looking for special critters and underwater photographers. Some shore entries to the dive sites are challenging and some physical strength is required.

How to get there: Flight from Ambon, Makassar or Manado to Ternate (around USD 20 – 30) and transfer to accommodation into the city. Any accommodation is close by.

Where to stay: There is some hotels and options in more economic homestays. The dive shop can recommend and book an accommodation for you.

Where to dive: With Nasijaha Diving Club or Dodoku Dive Center. A few liveaboards also visit the region during their Halmahera trips.

Rates: Around USD 20 to 30 per dive depending on the amount of dives per day and if shore or boat diving

Climate: Around 28 to 30°C all year round, dry season July to October

Water temperature: 27 to 29°C

Visibility: Depending on the dive site 10 to 25 m

Season: Diving is possible all year round

Favorite dive sites: The jetty/harbour for nudibranches. I unfortunately just learned that the harbour will be extended later in 2016 which will destroy the dive site. Let’s hope the nudibranchs move to another dive site.


My trip:

I flew from Ambon to Ternate and stayed at a homestay for IDR 150’000 per night close to the dive shop. The accommodation was basic but clean. I did dive with Nasijaha. The guides were absolutely amazing, experienced in finding the small critters and took really good care of me. Besides that it was a special expereince to be in Ternate as western girl. Every few meters someone screamed „hello mister“ or „photo, photo“.