Romblon, Philippines

What to see: Macro, rare stuff, mainly nudibranchs, including the one and only Melibe colemani, butterfly nudis (Cyerce nigra, bourbonica and elegans), various shrimp and 4 pygmy seahorse species

Level: Experienced divers, especially photographers, who are interested in small rare creatures

How to get there: There are different options. The easiest is probably a transfer (2500 PHP) or bus (200 PHP) from Manila to Batangas and 2GO ferry overnight (2x per week, 9 hours, around PHP 1000 to 1500) to Romblon, Tricycle to the resort (PHP 100)

Where to stay: There is only one dive resort, to book a package contact The Three P Holiday Dive Resort Romblon directly

Climate: Around 30°C all year round, rainy season June, July

Water temperature: 30°C in summer, down to 26°C in winter

Exposure protection: 3 mm/shorty in summer or 5 mm in winter.  Keep in mind you will do long slow dives

Visibility: around 20 m

Season: August till May

Diving price: One dive costs PHP 1600, two dives PHP 3100, package prices for more dives

Favorite dive sites: Almost all of the sites we did dive at. A lot to see at Anchor Bay; denise pygmy in two colors, dragonshrimp, pughead pipefish and more rare critters

My trip: I took the overnight ferry from Batangas, I did sleep quite alright in the 4-bed cabin. Arrival in Romblon was early in the morning, after a short tricycle ride to The Three P Holiday Dive Resort / Ducks Diving Romblon we had breakfast and already went diving. The diving offers loads of rare small or very small critters, the three Ps and K are amazing spotters and very interested in always finding new stuff and discover more dive sites. You dive as long as you want to or your air lasts, the spotters give you a lot of freedom while looking for special critters. I did encounter many animals there I have never seen before before. The perfect diving in my opinion. The surface interval is often spent at a Bistro, a big plus as well.

The friendly staff will prepare all meals at the local restaurant. Only the wifi was really bad, if you think about getting a SIM card for your phone, get Globe, SMART does not work at the resort, so I ended up bringing the phone to the boat to get some reception.

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