Rapid Bay and Victor Harbor, South Australia

What to see: Leafy sea dragons

Finding the sea dragon

Level: Open water certified, easy shallow dive

How to get there: Drive on your own and meet the guide at the jetty or go with a dive center from Adelaide. Alternatively get tanks from any dive shop around the area and dive without a guide.

Water temperature: cold! 13-21°C

Visitbility: 2-15 m

Season: All year round

Price: AUD 60 – 150 for 2 dives

My trip: I did drive to Rapid Bay being back on main land after visiting Kangaroo Island which is a 40 minutes drive. The dive guide from NB Scuba did meet me at the jetty with tanks, weights and a thicker wetsuit (I only carry a 3 mm with me). He has a lot of experience in finding the dragons, did take photos of us behind the dragon and could even show us some other stuff. We payed AUD 120 for two people, two dives including rental of thick wetsuits and warming up in the heated car between the dives.

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