Komodo, Indonesia

What to see: Marine park, pristine reefs, high biodiversity, clear waters, schools of fish, large pelagics, mantas and sharks. It is considered to be one of the best dive spots worldwide. Don’t miss a land-trip to the famous Komodo dragons.

Level: Experienced divers because of crazy currents, bring a reef hook

How to get there: Flight from Bali to Lebuan Bajo (starting at around USD 120), short taxiride or transfer to town. Alternatively it is possible to take a liveaboards leaving from Bali to Komodo.

Where to stay: Either in Lebuan Bajo where a wide range of hotels is available, in a resort just outside the national park boarders or on a liveaboard

Climate: 25 to 30°C, rainy season January till March

Water temperature: 22 to 24°C in the south, 27 to 29°C in the north (normally, last time we had 24°C in the north)

Exposure protection: at least 3 mm, better 5 mm

Visibility: 10 to 20 m in the south, 20 to 30 m in the north

Season: Best season is dry season April till December, diving is possible all year round, it gets busy in the summer months

Diving rates: A day trip with two dives will cost around USD 100. Staying at a resort will be a bit less than USD 200 per night including 2 dives per day. A variety of livaboards is available from budget (USD 200 per night) to luxury (USD 400 per night). If you’re a group of friend it might get cheaper to charter a small boat.

Favorite dive sites: Definitely manta point, if you’re lucky you will see dozens of mantas there

My trip: The first time I did day trips, then I stayed at a resort at the boarder of the marine park and finally we chartered a liveaboard amongst 5 friends which was my favorite way of exploring Komodo. We did a 5-day liveaboard to the north with Aridive which I can highly recommend. The charter is USD 1760 per day for up to 8 people.

Stay as long as you possibly can, the short liveaboards will only either go to the north or the south, if you manage to stay for at least 10 days it is possible to explore the whole area.