Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Close to the famous tourist destination Dubrovnik (also known as Kings Landing) lies the small beach resort town of Cavtat. In the bay just outside of the former port many remains of sunk ships can be found. Including amphorae and pithoi from around 300 AD.

Dive into history

What to see: Amphorae and pithoi, wrecks, walls

Level: Advanced divers, depth amphorae is 27 m, pithoi 30 m, cold water, there might be strong currents

How to get there: Cavtat is a 30 min drive from Dubrovnik, buses take about 45 minutes

Water temperature: Surface between 21 and 26°C, however at the dive sites the water can be much colder, in my case 13°C at 27/30 m in June

Visitbility: around 15-30 m

Season: Summer

Price: Accommodation from € 20 to 100 (homestay or hotel/resort), € 10 for a meal, € 24 per dive

My trip: With my own car I drove around 30 Minutes from Dubrovnik to Cavtat. I stayed in a simple homestay in Cavtat for  € 20 and did dive with Epidaurum Dive Center.

One of the owners of this dive shop discovered the amphorae. The dive site can only be visited with an authorized shop as the amphorae are locked away to avoid robbery. I can recommend Epidaurum as my guide was very professional, he did know the sites well and the owner will tell you about the time after the war when they discovered the amphorae.