Ever wondered why boxfish are box-shaped? Here some facts about those absolutely cute slow-moving fish


  • Boxfish don’t seem to be very streamlined. However, researchers proved otherwise by creating boxfish models and observing the water movement around them


  • the square or triangular shape is defined by a shell-like bony structure called carapace


  • the carapace consists of fused plates and covers most of the body with holes only for eyes, mouth and fins


juvenile cowfish


  • the hard body makes them inedible for most fish, in addition some boxfish can secrete a deadly poison from their skin to the surrounding water protecting them even better from predators


  • boxfish are closely related to puffer- and filefish


  • cowfish are spiky versions of boxfish which have horn-like shaped structures on their head




  • they are also called trunk- or cofferfish


  • A bionic car has been designed based on the body shape of the boxfish