You love colorful and pristine coral reefs teeming with fish life? Then this list is for you.

Many of the sites lie in the coral triangle for a good reason – the biodiversity is the highest found underwater. I hope you find the perfect destination for the next diving trip here.

I did dive all of the places below in the last years.


Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea

best coral reef diving
The coral reefs of the Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea were the healthiest and most diverse I have ever seen. The waters around the hard and soft coral are teeming with fish life ranging from the tiniest critters to manta rays and sharks. One resort is located in the area (Tawali) and a few liveaboards frequent the area.


Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia


On the other side of the island of Papua lies Raja Ampat which is long famous among divers for the healthy reefs and the incredible diversity of marine life. The area can be dived resort/homestay based or on a liveaboard.


Zabargad / St Johns, Southern Red Sea, Egypt

coral reef egypt

Egypts deep south has never been frequented by divers like the north has been. The reefs down there are only reachable by liveaboard and are some of the healthiest in the Egyptian Red Sea. The visibility is incredible all year round and the reefs are probably the most colorful you will ever see


Komodo National Park, Indonesia

coral reef komodo

The Komodo National Park is famous for the dragons on land and the mantas below the surface. The currents in the area are the craziest scuba divers will encounter which in some places shoot the divers right over some of the best coral reefs in the world. Diving is possible resort based and on liveaboards


Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia

coral bunaken

The walls around the island of Bunaken and the surrounding area are covered in a huge variety of soft and hard coral. The walls are teeming with fish life and also some little critters like nudibranch and shrimp. Out in the blue it is possible to spot schooling fish and larger pelagics. The diving around Bunaken is resort based.


Timor Leste

anemone timor leste

Timor Leste is only little dived and only a handful of dive shops are located in the capital Dili. Therefore the reefs are pristine and incredibly diverse. Loads of rare critters hide between the hard and soft coral waiting to be discovered by scuba divers. The diving is resort based.



coral reef palau

Palau is mainly famous for the big stuff around, however also the reefs are amazing. The coral are healthy, colorful and surrounded by a large amount of different fish. Just make sure to keep an eye out into the blue just in case any sharks or mantas are passing by. Diving is possible resort based and on liveaboards.


Balicasag, Philippines

coral reef balicasag

The island Balicasag is located close to the popular holiday destination Bohol. The top of the reef is covered in hard coral while in the areas further below loads of sponges and gorgonians can be found. The diving is resort based


Cozumel, Mexico

reef cozumel

Cozumel amazes with coral covered pinnacles in crazy currents. The pinnacles do have many swim-throughs underneath which make the dives around the area even more exciting. Plenty of fish life is surrounding the pinnacles. The diving is resort based.


Wakatobi, Indonesia

coral reef wakatobi

The area around the four islands of the WaKaToBi National Park claims to have some of the most diverse coral reefs. The number of different species of coral covering the pinnacles, ridges and walls is indeed incredible. One down side is that the waters around seem a bit too empty. The diving is resort or liveaboard based.

The 10 Best Coral Reef Diving Destinations