The journey so far

On the map below indicated you see where I have been diving so far. There are still so many destinations more to explore

Latest Articles

The 12 best dive sites in the world

You wanna dive the world’s best dive sites? Me too. So which are the world’s best dive sites? I have seen many posts, articles and [...]

What you didn’t know about coral reefs – coral reef types

Usually three coral reef types are differentiated. These are defined through the morphology (size and shape) as well as the location (how close to land [...]

The origin of white sandy beaches – bumphead parrotfish

Have you ever wondered where the sand comes from when enjoying a day at a white sandy beach? A major part of it is fish [...]

A photo journey to Socorro

The world’s friendliest dolphins and mantas can be found around the remote islands of the Revillagigedo archipelago in Mexico. Find out more about how to [...]

10 ways to not being seen underwater

One of the most fascinating behaviors to observe underwater are the diverse approaches to not being seen (crypsis). At the same time it is one [...]

How sardine run diving really works

Is to dive the sardine run on top of your bucket list? A huge school of sardines several kilometers long stretches along the coast, birds [...]

Where next?

After trying to run after sardines in South Africa and diving with loads of sharks I am spending some weeks in Switzerland before heading back to Southeast Asia – no real plans yet

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