Let’s explore the other 99% together



All life on our planet depends on water. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water providing 99% of the living space. More than half of all life is found below the surface.

Let’s go scuba diving to see some of the other 99%

and its inhabitants

I am on a mission to explore the best dive sites in the world for you.

In the last 9 years and 1000+ dives I visited more than 70 different diving destinations with as many dive operations both land-based and on liveaboards. For the last 4 years I have been traveling full-time all over the world diving with and talking to hundreds of scuba divers of all different levels.

With my background as a biologist I am interested in all marine life, especially the big stuff and small awkward creatures. I love to research about these animals and share the highlights with you.

The photos on this page are all taken by me, except the ones I am in. I discovered my passion for underwater photography several years back and am now getting into videography as well.

On this page I am presenting you the best dive destination of the world, dive hacks, practical information about underwater photography and resources.


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Where have I been so far?

On the map below you see a little fish for the destinations I have been to and stars for the planned trips as well as for my bucket list.

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Where next?

Taking a time out from traveling in Bali. What a wonderful place to spend some more time and explore all the exciting local dive sites